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Then your next big habit might have only reach the Google Play Store when you have fond memories of SimCity and Rollercoaster Tycoon.
Disney Magic Kingdoms was designed through a partnership between Gameloft and Disney. That’s understandable considering it’s target that is younger demographic, although it’s a simplified type of sim game. However, what it lacks in complexity it makes up for in terms of story. Games like Rollercoaster Tycoon and SimCity have consistently struggled to produce an overarching narrative to guide gameplay.
One thing you’re undoubtedly likely to need to if you’re getting this game for a younger child, to do is manage your settings on in-program purchases. This game has them from the truckload, and you also can very easily end up getting a $99 bill on your account if your kid’s hunger for pink gems is powerful enough.

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Doing so could’t be not more difficult; simply scroll around until you discover a guest using a thought bubble. In case the bubble has a roller coaster icon inside, tapping on it is going to send the guest to an attraction, and once they’re finished (which should take only several seconds), it is possible to collect their Well-Being by exploiting on the smiley face icon that pops out.

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That means the guest would like to interact with that particular character, if the bubble has a character inside. Tapping on it is going to bring up a menu that shows you exactly which actions to do to earn the Happiness — in addition to the standard benefits you’d get.
The sole trick here is that the character you need might be active. He wo unable to allow any wishes for those two hours if Mickey Mouse continues to be assigned an activity which will take two hours to finish. Luckily there’s no such thing in the sport, although in actual life, this would likely create Sadness, the opposite currency from Happiness.
Why in the event you care about Happiness? Besides what it says about you as an individual, gathering enough to fill the meter to 100 percent — it also looks like a smiley face and is on top of the display — it is possible to start a parade that launches from a gate on the left-hand side of your display. Rewards are produced by parades and make any activities you perform while they are in progress yield Magic than customary. Though you can only send them out once per day plus they only look cool wheeling through your park.

5 Chrome Extensions You Can’t Live Without

Google Chrome Extensions are what takes Google Chrome from a good browser to an exceptional browser.  The Chrome Store is loaded with tons of extensions, but which ones are worth your time?  You could spend weeks downloading and testing them all out, or you could just read this article and get the best Chrome Extensions from the get go.

5 Chrome Extensions You Can't Live Without

Checker Plus for Google Calendar

This is a great calendar extension that allows you to manage your Google Calendar without having to open the Google Calendar website.  Clicking on the calendar icon in the Chrome Browser brings up a calendar drop down that shows you the entire current month.  You can view all of your events, create new events, and manage current event right from this dropdown menu.  It is fast and easy.

Google +1 button

Ever wanted to share a site with your friends on Google Plus, but the site doesn’t have a Google Plus share button?  This little extension sits in your chrome browser and allows you to +1 whatever site you are on.  It also opens a Comment Box and adds the link of the site so that you can share it with whatever circle you see fit.
Checker Plus for Gmail
This is from the same person that made the Calendar Extension.  A feature packed email extension, Checker Plus will even read your emails (or just the subjects of your email).  When you click on the mail icon in your Chrome Browser, a drop down screen appears containing the subjects for your most recent email.  You can choose to open or delete the email from there.  Opening the email brings the email up in the drop down menu where you can read and reply to it.  You can manage all your email without ever having to open the actual Gmail website.

Google+ Notifications

My little red distraction.  When you are using Google products such as search, gmail docs, etc, Google provides you with a Google Plus notification box on the right hand corner of the screen.  This box makes you aware of posts made within Google Plus and can be configured to your specifications.   By downloading the Google Plus Notifications Extension, you get access to this wonderful little box even when you aren’t in the Google universe.  When you couple this with creating a Notify Me circle in Google Plus, you can turn Google Plus into a very powerful communication tool.

Google Hangouts

I have been wanting a way to receive my Google Plus Messenger on my desktop since Google Plus came out.    Now that I have it, I love it.  Google has merged Talk and Messenger into one program.  Hangouts are built inside Google Plus and Gmail, but by installing Hangouts into Chrome, you can be notified of  and access your new messages from any site.  Message can be sent and received across mobile devices and your desktop.  It’s wonderful and really handy.
Have you tried any of these Extensions?  Are there any extensions that you really enjoy?  Let us know in the comments below..

4 Innovative Ways NFC is Being Developed for the Future Matt Talks Tech

In my post yesterday, I discussed some of the exciting things that are currently being done with NFC.  Today we are going to talk about some of the cool innovations that are being developed for the future of NFC.  These are projects that are not currently out yet, but they give us an idea of the exciting promise that developers see in this technology.

Cars – Hyundai is working to implement NFC into their cars by 2015.  With a wave of your enabled device, you will be able to unlock your car doors and start the ignition.  The NFC connection would also be able to personalize the cars settings like climate control and the radio to your preferences.


BrandTables – Australian startup S_Digital has created a special table so that you don’t even have to go to the counter at your favorite food court restaurant to order your food.  BrandTables will have the logo of the restaurants in the food court.  Tap the logo of the restaurant that you want and you will be able to place your order from your phone.  Once your order is placed, your phone will notify you you when your food is ready to be picked up. Digital Gumball Machine – Advertising firm Razorfish has come up with the idea for a digital “gumball” machine.  For some spare changes these machines would dispenses a range of digital products.  Song downloads, movies, e-book and location-specific coupons could be feed from the machine to the users phone with a quick tap. Medical Care – Medical company Gentag is looking to use NFC tags to revolutionize medicine.  They are using disposable, wireless, low cost, non-invasive, diagnostic sensors such as “smart” skin patches or personal drug delivery systems.  They can be combined with a cellphone to run diagnostic test for things like fever, glucose, or blood pressure monitoring.

The really cool thing about NFC is that the tag technology is fairly cheap, programmable, and small enough to be placed anywhere.  Companies could place NFC stickers in everyday items, like a box of cereal.  When the box was empty, we could scan it and have it automatically added to our shopping list.  The possibilities are endless.  Just little, everyday things like that are going to be what drives NFC adoption.

Does anybody have any innovative ideas for NFC.  Let us know in the comments below.

Ready for Unlimited Shards with Marvel Avengers Academy Hack?


What is Marvel Avengers Academy Hack?

If you love playingmarvel avengers academy hack the game Marvel Avengers Academy game then here’s some good news for you. The latest Marvel Avengers Academy hack is available now. Now, you can download this hack on your iPhone, Android, and other iOS devices. What makes this hack all the more appealing is that you can shop for free as you invite all your favorite characters. The unlimited access to credits and the shards will help you progress in the game without any trouble. Now, you needn’t wait until your earn enough points to unlock certain challenges. There are a few more neat features that will make this hack worth downloading that will be discussed in this post.

For those who haven’t played this cellular game, it is quite awesome. In this game, the player will be able to help out the teenage avengers like the Hulk, black widow, Hawkeye, and Captain America to get past obstacles place in the academy and become superheroes. The objective of this academy is to build an academy with superheroes. It is an interesting concept because you will be able to help each character discover his or her superpowers. However, it’s not just about work but the characters can go on dates, socialize, and undergo training which will help them realize and use their superpowers. Apart from that, the players will be able to create classrooms, labs, and even events.

I will get unlimited shards with Marvel Avengers Academy?

The greatest advantage that the Marvel Avengers Academy hack is that you don’t have to install or download it as it is online. Note that, the only thing that you need to get this hack is that you need to be online. This tool is also safe to use as well as you wouldn’t have to risk exposing your account. As an extra measure, the encryption used makes it safe for users to play the game without fear. However, the best part is that private proxies and anti-ban measures have been set in place which yet again safeguards your account and identity.

Previously, you would have had to use rooting or jailbreaks but you don’t have to worry about it anymore. This is another reason why gamers love this new Marvel Avengers Academy hack is because it is easy to use. And since you have access to the extra points whenever you need it, it will definitely make the gaming experience more enjoyable as you can concentrate on each task at hand rather than collecting points to unlock the next level. This way, even novice players will be able to clinch top rankings while reasoned players can retain their positions without spending too much time or money to unlock these rewards.

It goes without saying that the Marvel Avengers Academy hack is worth looking up since it is safe to use and user-friendly option. So, gamers should use this tool to their advantage as it will be a rewarding gaming experience. It’s not every day that you come across a tool that extends magical powers to you. This is an awesome hack and it would be stupid if you don’t make full use of it. Happy gaming.


Are passwords becoming too much hassle?

In October, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Twitter separately announced that they will offer added security to user accounts (see page 7). Security updates are nothing new, but what was significant about their announcements was that they all introduced different types of two-factor authentication (2FA) as an extra security measure on top of our passwords. The message from the tech companies is clear: the best way to make your password secure is to add another password to it. At a time when we’re going through a digital revolution, is this really the best thing they can come up with to keep our online accounts safe? From a security perspective, the answer is ‘yes’. Experts say that for now 2FA is the most effective way to stop hackers stealing our passwords, and that users should accept the extra effort it requires. Malwarebytes researcher Chris Boyd says: “Anything you use on a daily basis is likely important enough to you that you’d spend the extra 10 seconds grabbing a new authentication code”.


So 2FA may be secure and not too much hassle if you use it on only one account, but we seem to be heading in a direction where you’ll need a USB stick to log into Google, a fob to log into your bank account, and your phone to log into your Microsoft accounts. If other companies join this trend, then soon we’ll need to start carrying special pouches to hold our collection of 2FA-related gizmos. All this is, of course, optional. You can keep using your single password, but then you’re back to worrying that hackers will get their hands on it the next time a password-leaking bug like Heartbleed is discovered, or millions of passwords are stolen from sites like eBay, Gmail and Dropbox.

The recent adoption of 2FA feels like a response to the online security disasters of the past year. But why should we be forced to go through more complicated password procedures just because companies can’t take care of their security? Experts say that “two or more layers” of security are better than one, but by that logic we’ll soon have to use 3FA, 4FA, and so on. If our passwords weren’t constantly finding their way from popular websites onto hackers’ databases, then a single password would be enough unless a hacker specifically targeted you (which is unlikely to happen unless you’re a celebrity). In fairness, forward-thinking companies are trying to come up with more convenient alternatives to 2FA.

Many smartphones now have eye scanners, and the iPhone 6 unlocked using your fingerprint. Devices running Android 5.0 and all future Chromebooks will have a personal unlocking’ feature, which lets you set locations where your device will be automatically unlocked. These are still relatively new ideas, but give us hope that soon there will be better security solutions than simply piling on more passwords. In the meantime, however, you should read about the new 2FA security options offered by Google, Microsoft and other companies you have accounts with, and decide for yourself if the added protection is worth the hassle. 2FA is not the quick-and-easy log-in method we’d hope for in this digital age, but for now it remains the best way to keep your online accounts safe.

Government to hit nuisance callers with bigger fines

The Government wants to make it easier to fine companies the maximum £500,000 for pestering people with marketing phone calls and text messages. Current law puts the onus on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to prove that a company has caused ‘substantial damage or substantial distress’ by its actions to be liable for the full penalty. But a Government consultation has proposed lowering this threshold so that the maximum fine can be imposed on companies causing ‘annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety’.

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid said: “Companies have bombarded people with unwanted marketing calls and texts, but have escaped punishment because they did not cause enough harm. I want to make it easier for companies to face the consequences of ignoring the law and subjecting us to calls or texts we have said we don’t want”. Javid didn’t refer to any specific cases, but a highprofile example of the current regulations’ flaws occurred in 2012, when a £300,000 fine imposed on Christopher Niebel for running an unlawful spam-texting service was overturned on appeal because the messages were not deemed to cause ‘substantial distress’.

The ICO said the case demonstrated how powerless it was to deter companies from sending vast quantities of spam. If you are being harassed by nuisance callers, you can sign up to the free Telephone Preference Service (TPS, www. snipca.com/14160), which will block marketing calls from a particular company unless you have consented to them. You can block calls to your mobile-phone and landline numbers, and this should come into effect within 28 days of your request. Almost four-fifths of UK households are currently registered to the TPS – around 20 million phone numbers.

Commemorate your loved ones using Co-op’s web memorials

The UK’s largest funeral director has launched a service that lets you create online obituaries and memorial pages dedicated to the recently deceased. The Co-operative Funeralcare – which arranges around 100,000 funerals a year – says online memorials “allow people to share more details about the lives of their loved ones” than obituaries published in a newspaper or magazine. People can include photos, videos and tributes, as well as provide information about funeral arrangements.


You can also set up a donation page to a charity of your choice, and share the memorial on Facebook and Twitter. Online memorial services are available to anyone using Co-operative Funeral care. It costs £48 for a memorial to stay online for three months, but for £184 you can keep a memorial live for 10 years, with the option to extend it beyond this period. At any point, you can order a physical keepsake memorial book, containing the photos, stories and testimonies from the online memorial. No special skills are required to set up a memorial, and the website offers guides and tutorials on how you can customise its design and set it up how you want it.

Helen Chandler, lead developer for the service, said: “This new service also allows friends and family to share messages of condolence and memories of the deceased in a new way, no matter where you are in the world”. To find out more about the service, go to www.snipca. com/14229. Several other sites exist that let people create memorial pages.

Much Loved is a free site that lets people view memorial pages, make donations and see photos from the lives of those who have died. Much Loved also lets you ‘light a candle’ for the deceased, which is a graphic of a candle accompanied by a comment sharing your thoughts on the person.